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Shenington Sloggers

The Shenington Sloggers is a cricket team representing Shenington and Alkerton in an informal friendly league of neighbouring villages. We aim to introduce new and young players to the game and hope to give players who can't commit to longer weekend matches a chance to still be involved in the game. 


Founded by Rob Bryan and Mark Petterson we had our first game on Bastille Day 2004  …. so have been going for over 15 years. Opposition teams these days normally come from Hornton, Horley and Wroxton but we have also played Epwell, Balscote and Shutford in the past.


We play midweek 20/20 games from early May until July starting at 6.30pm, always at Wroxton's pitch. Rules and attire are relaxed. One team will nominally be picked as the home team and we return to that villages’ pub (about 9pm) for a bite to eat and some refreshment after the game. It is a great opportunity to get out the house and meet people from the area, many good rivalries and friendships have been made over the years.


We have played occasional weekend and family games in the past. In recent times we have also picked up a 35 over fixture against a travelling team of Authors. This takes place on the Sunday of the Shenfest Music and Literature festival in June.


We are always looking to increase our numbers …. age and ability are not considered reasonable excuses for not being involved please feel free to contact me to find out more.

Contact details


Stuart Burgess

Phone number 07968900516


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