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Local Support For The Residents Of

Shenington and Alkerton

Parish Support


The Shenington With Alkerton Community Response led by Gill Marshall has set up a team of coordinators who provide support for every home within the parish. All houses have received a leaflet advising them of the name of their coordinator, how we will communicate, the traffic light system and arrangements for ordering and delivery of shopping and collecting prescriptions. 

Prescriptions can be collected Monday to Friday. Ad-hoc queries are handled on an individual basis. Please click the file to the right to view the information.

Volunteer Driver Service North Oxfordshire

If you have a Covid-19 vaccination appointment and are looking for a means to get there please call 0300 3030 125

The project was set up in April 2012 by Citizens Advice.

The drivers use Level2 PPE and VDS are used to taking people to medical appointments, and take over 400 every month. The drivers are DBS checked. Passengers pay 45p per mile to cover the driver's fuel cost and wear and tear, this charge starts from the drivers home.

The Oxfordshire All In charity has many useful resources and advice including looking after yourself, the lockdown rules, employment and tenant rights. Please click on this link to find all the resources available.

Please also note that there is a Winter Support Grant available for those most in need. You can apply here:



Please be aware that during the Coronavirus crisis the fraudsters are trying to take advantage by sending malicious texts, emails and making phone calls.


Please be careful and don't click on links within emails or texts if you aren't certain where they have come from. Fraudsters often use the logo of official organisations but neither HMRC or the Police will ask for payment or your bank details in this way. If you aren't absolutely certain if a link is a fraud or not please contact the organisation first by locating the telephone number independently yourself and not using one quoted on the message.

Please click the file to the right for more information

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